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At once historic and progressive, the town of Lincoln is one of those Rhode Island communities that allow every residents, no matter what age or stage in life, to find the best balance between needs and wants. Bordered by metro area as well as open spaces, and tucked in the lower Blackstone Valley, Lincoln continues to impress home buyers and residents alike.

Home buyers seeking Lincoln real estate have a selection of home styles and locations within the bustling town. The historic homes scattered throughout make a nice backdrop to the newer developed areas that make Lincoln an attractive bedroom community. Lincoln real estate doesn’t usually last long on the market, so any interested home buyers should jump on interesting properties quickly.

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Lincoln has a population of approximately 23,000 residents and is located just 10 miles from Providence. This makes it a lovely bedroom community for those seeking to work in the capital city but who desire a more tranquil place to live. Lincoln has also gained attention recently for being ranked on Money magazine’s best places to live list. There’s no doubt about it, Lincoln is a community on the rise.

Established in colonial times, Lincoln has always been an industrially minded city. Once part of the town of Smithfield, it separated in 1871 and emerged as a top milling town, thanks to the Blackstone River.

When it comes to outdoor beauty and recreation, Lincoln residents have a front row seat. Lincoln Woods State Park is within the town limits, and it is part of the picturesque Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. The Blackstone River Bikeway is another place where residents can enjoy the beauty of Rhode Island year round. Chase Farm Park includes trails, fishing ponds, and the Butterfly Gardens.

Historic sites can be found in nearly every village and neighborhood. Notable sites include Israel Arnold House, Ballou House, Hearthside, Lime Kilns, Limerock Village Historic District, Pullen Corner School, Sayleville Meetinghouse, Old Ashton Historic District and many more.

The public education in Lincoln is highly regarded and schools are managed by the Lincoln Public School District. With more than 3,100 students that attend 6 schools (4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school), residents of Lincoln know that their children are learning all they need to know. There are also three early learning centers for pre-kindergarten students. A branch of Community College of Rhode Island is also located in Lincoln.

When it comes to living in Rhode Island in the greater Providence area, there are few things better than Lincoln real estate. This lovely town is one of the best secrets of the area, and Lincoln real estate provides home buyers with the best quality of life and community amenities around. It’s hard to believe that anyone would pass by Lincoln homes for sale in their quest to buy a home.